Arsbak is a food group that aims to meet Turkey's need for pulses. Founder of Arslan Pulses Cesim Arslan started his business life in 1980 by trading pulses and similar food products in the old wholesale markets at Inonu Street in Gaziantep. Cesim Arslan stepped into industry from trading, who was active in Gatem, a food wholesaler site newly established in Gaziantep at the beginning of 1992, with the commercial reputation brought by the achievements in these works and the accumulation of capital by giving meaning to the work that he had done in those years. Cesim Arslan accelerated the activities of Serdar Arslan, the youngest child of his family in the early of 2002. In the year 2010 Arslan Pulse took action to establish a new plant after a long time and by the end of 2011, a packing and logistic facility was established on 5000 m2 area. In these years, Arsbak has accomplished important works in terms of Import and Export.

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